Security Operative Guide


Log In & Identification


The Operative enters their email address along with the unique password which has been assigned to them.

They will then insert your Site specific ID which means that only activity at your premises can be recorded whilst the operative is logged in.

Google maps records where the Smartphone was when the Security Operative signs in which prevents others signing in on his/her behalf when lateness or absenteeism occurs.

Starting/Finishing ShiftStarting/Finishing Shift


Once the Security Operative has logged in for duty this screen confirms the time and date they logged in and how long they have been working. 

Once they tap the End Shift button the system stops recording, instantly providing you with accurate records for invoice comparison purposes.

Refused EntryWarning Logs


This screen is where the Security Operative can record each time a person is refused entry to your premises along with the reason.

The time and date are recorded automatically and the information is available for you to view the instant the submit button is clicked.

Incident ReportsIncident Reports (Categories)


This screen is the main menu to the various categories of incidents which are statistically likely to occur at your premises.

As the menu signposts the critical elements of a report chronologically the security operatives can very quickly record important details without having to leave their post and the information is instantly available to you whether you are on site or elsewhere.

For data protection purposes once an incident is submitted it is automatically removed from the Security Operatives device.

The time, date and identification of the Operative that submitted the report are all recorded.

Assignment InstructionsAssignment Instructions


The information listed in this screen is available to view on the smartphone of the Security Operative once he/she logs in for duty.  

This ensures that all operatives on site are aware of the risks associated with the tasks and all parties are complying with their obligations under the Health & Safety at work act.


Take a look at the video tutorial for more details ....