How do you audit your security company?

How do you audit your security company?


How do you keep track of their performance and make sure they are doing exactly what you are paying them for?

The use of private security companies is becoming more and more common, cuts in police funding and a growing crime rate have been driving forces for businesses looking to the security industry to keep their people and property safe. 


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Invitation for Security Guarding companies to participate in a free trial to test out our new management reporting app.

Focal Point is the first of its kind to provide an all in one reporting and management system for manned security companies; combining a mobile phone app for guards to use with a Client/Manager portal available on a tablet or pc. 


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FocalPoint App

Be on the frontline in the comfort of your own home.


Focal Point allows you to have an overview of your entire workforce, in realtime, straight from your home. Stay up to date with our in built GPS software, enabling you to view the start and finish time of each staff member and their location.  Schedule shifts in advance of up to 12 months or repeat rotas to save time and maximise your productivity. With Focal Point’s unique build and integration capability, managing your workforce has never been easier, or more accessible.

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One app, every sector.


Focal Point has been built from the ground up to adapt to any environment within the public sector industry. One of the most underlining factors Focal Point presents is its ability to adapt to its users’ needs without limiting that sectors demands. Providing well needed efficiency boosts and utilising all aspects of productive management qualities, Focal Point is designed to prepare your workforce for society’s heavy demands and set a stable foundation to build on for the future.


Small cost, huge savings.


Equivalent to the cost of a couple of first class stamps, Focal Point is the ultimate management app for any workforce. Our unique approach to workforce management allows Focal Point to redefine the typical meaning of ‘productivity’ with proud integrity.