Client/Manager Guide

LoginGetting started

Type the following web address into your web browser:

Type your username in the username textfiled.
(exactly as it was sent to you)

Type your password into the password textfiled.
(exactly as it was sent to you)

Click the login button and this will open a menu page with a list of site information you can access by clicking the relevant button.


By clicking the attendance button a new page will open and display the name of each Security Operative that attended your premises. Additional information on display includes the start and finish time of each shift attended along with which shifts including, a thumbnail photograph of each attending operative which will enlarge when you put the cursor over it. It will display the SIA licence number of each Security Operative and the IP address of their smart phone. The GPS coordinates will record the location of the Security Operative at the time he/she logs in and this information will be on display.’

Refused Entry LogsRefused entry logs

By clicking the refused entry logs button a new page will open and display details of any member of the public that has been refused admission to your premises.

It will display the following information:

  • Time of refusal
  • Reason for the refusal
  • Number of people refused entry

This feature can be used occasionally as required to conduct surveys and to periodically gauge whether screening policies should be revised or used for every trading session as evidence of licensing conditions compliance.

Warning LogsWarning logs

By clicking the warning logs button a new page will open and display the number of times Security Operatives have needed to speak to customers to ask them to modify their behaviour.  It will provide the time date and category of warning given to a customer.

This log will assist with assessing how proactive the security team are and how often they prevent a minor incident from escalating into a serious one..

Incident ReportsIncident reports

By clicking the incident report button a new page will open and display all recorded incident reports.
This will include the nature of the incident and the time and date it occurred along with a photograph and the name of the Security Operative that completed the report.

This information will be invaluable for risk assessment, risk management and for identifying incident hot spots. This information assists with devising patrol and static deployment patterns.

Assignment InformationAssignment information

By clicking the assignment information button a new page will open and display your site specific operational information. Including Risk Assessment and risk management advice.  

The information held here will enable a new Security Operative to understand the objectives of the role and the risks associated with every aspect of providing security at this establishment.

The availability of this information to Security Operatives ensures that management are in full compliance with corporate manslaughter laws.