About Us

Global Focus have been developing management software and body-worn cameras since 2001.

The development of Focal Point


The App was developed in response to the needs of a security and facilities management business. With a wide range of customers and a mobile transient workforce, the company needed to be able to deploy qualified staff quickly across the country. They required a tool which would allow them to schedule staff, monitor their activities and receive incident reports.

As all security guards need to be licensed there was also a requirement for the software to automatically validate licences to prevent the company falling foul of licensing laws.

After several trial versions, we developed an app which met all these needs and even provided some additional benefits.

Wider industry use

We soon realised that Focal Point has a far wider use across many different industries.

Any company with staff in a variety of locations, such as agency workers, social workers, nursing staff, cleaners etc., who need to report their activities to clients would find this app beneficial.    And those working alone can make use of the lone workers functions to help keep them safe.

Find out more about the benefits of using Focal Point.

Any Questions?

For any more information or questions about the app don’t hesitate to call us on 0844 282 1818 or email [email protected].