How do you audit your security company?

  • Published on: 30 January 2019
  • By: Admin

The use of private security companies is becoming more and more common, cuts in police funding and a growing crime rate have been driving forces for businesses looking to the security industry to keep their people and property safe.  

But once you’ve selected the security company you feel offers the best value for money, how do you keep track of their performance and make sure they are doing exactly what you are paying them for?  

Depending on the type of organisation you work for the chances are that you have to report all spending; someone at the top is making the decisions about the size of your budget and you need to show results and demonstrate it is being spent efficiently.  If you work in the same building as the guards it may be easy for you to see what they do each day, but if not or if they work overnight, how do you check?

Request regular reports (daily, weekly, monthly) from the security company.  Most users of security services will have a set of key performance indicators they use to measure the service and then rely on their security company to send reports and attend review meetings to share the information.  Read reports carefully.  Look out for any that are exactly the same every time, they could simply be copying the information for each report.

Carry out site visits – both planned and unplanned visits can be useful to compare the differences, if everything is running the way it should be you will find very little difference when you make an unplanned visit compared to a planned visit.

Install CCTV – which you can access remotely.  And it could also provide an additional tool for your security guards to make use of.

Check patrol times; use a patrol tracking system – and make sure patrols are not taking place at exactly the same time each shift.  Not only it is easy for any potential thieves to work out the pattern, but random patrol times show that guards are alert throughout their shifts, especially important if these are night shifts.

Try out Focal Point – the app is an easy way to conduct an instant audit of your security guards.  It only allows those with the appropriate valid licence to log in, keeps a track via GPS of their whereabouts throughout the shift and allows you instant access to all operational information and reports so you can see what is happening from the comfort of your office or home.

The chances are that your security company is also keen to demonstrate their high service levels and compliance, and a tool that can do that for them will benefit both parties.  If their guards are doing their job correctly Focal Point will make things easier and save them time.  


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