Focal Point: A tool for businesses using security guards

  • Published on: 29 January 2019
  • By: Admin
Focal Point:  A tool for businesses using security guards

If you’re using security guards in your organisation how do you know you are receiving the service you are paying for?

Do you carry out an audit of your security services?

Introducing Focal Point 

This is where Focal Point can help.  It’s a convenient and simple way to conduct an instant audit of your security guards whenever and from wherever you want.

Not only can you get reports instantly, instead of waiting until the next day, but Focal Point will also provide you with GPS locations of your security staff so you can be sure they are really working where they should be.

If your security company uses the app you will have greater control over the services you are paying for.  Very often security guards are working at night or when no-one else is around so unless you carry out regular checks you have no way of guaranteeing the level of service you get. This app will give you that extra certainty and allows you to determine how effective your current security service is.

By using the app you’ll have;

  • Instant access to all operational information through the secure client portal
  • Confidence that the guards working hold valid SIA licences (they are checked against the SIA licence database when they log in)
  • Confirmation of where guards are at all times throughout their shift (the GPS locator is activated when they log in)
  • The knowledge that if a guard is late or doesn’t show up, your security company will be notified so they can send a replacement quickly
  • No need to wait until the next day for an incident report, just log in and read the report or listen to the audio recording
  • Data recorded, tailored to your specific requirements, such as visitor information or the number and reasons customers are refused entry to your venue

Ask your security company to try out the app for free for 1 month and see how it can make both your lives easier and more efficient.

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